Useful Training Videos

The training videos that follow show in brief 2-5 minute videos the main shots used in badminton.
Feel free to roam the YouTube web site to find other training videos.
The last video is about a long exchange where the bird is hit 81 times before the point is made!

Ready position:

Short serve:

Low short serve:


Overhead Clear shot:

Underhand Clear Shot:

Forehand drop:

Backhand drop:

Forehand net kill:

Crosscourt net drop shot:

Doubles positions:

Doubles tactics :

Long rally:

The Fallingbrook Badminton Club strongly recommends that all players wear protective eyewear that meets ASTM Standard F803 for squash/badminton, and endorses the following resolution which was passed at the Ontario Badminton Association Annual General Meeting in June 2005.
"Whereas the impact of shuttlecocks and badminton racquets with the eye has resulted in severe eye injuries, including, in very rare cases, the permanent loss of sight in the affected eye of badminton players; and
the Canadian Ophthalmological Society recommends the use of eye protectors by badminton players; and
the use of appropriate eye protectors has been found to reduce the risk of significant eye injury by at least 90%, when fitted properly; and
the incidence of eye injuries to badminton players has been reported to be greater than that in squash and racquetball players and that this has been attributed to the increased use of eye protectors by players in these sports; and
The American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM F803) "Standard Specifications for Eye Protectors for Selective Sports" indicates that Eye Protectors that provide eye protection against the impact of a squash ball will provide similar protection against the impact of shuttlecocks and badminton racquets; and
The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Ophthalmology Policy Statement, "Protective Eyewear for Young Athletes (2004): indicates: "streetwear (fashion) spectacles that conform to the requirements of American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standard Z80.3.11, and safety eyewear that conforms to the requirements of ANSI standard Z87.1,12 which is mandated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration for industrial and educational safety eyewear, are not satisfactory for eye-injury risk sports" because streetwear frames are often fragile and have poor lens retention properties and standard Z87.1,12 is not designed to test for the impact of projectiles and racquets used in racquet sports; and
the Ontario Badminton Association has a duty to advise its members and badminton players at large (and their parents) of avoidable risks associated with the sport and the means to mitigate these risks,
BE IT RESOLVED that the ONTARIO BADMINTON ASSOCIATION strongly recommends that all players wear eye protectors which meet or exceed the impact standards set out in ASTM F803 "STANDARD SPECIFICATION FOR EYE PROTECTORS FOR SELECTED SPORTS" for BADMINTON/SQUASH".