Colour Rating

*Please note that colour rating is not done at the de la Decouverte location.

Colour rating is done to assist in setting up balanced and challenging games.

Four colours are used:

  • Green for beginners
  • Yellow for players who know the basic rules but could improve in a number of the criteria
  • Blue for players who are strong in some of the criteria
  • Red for competitive players who are strong in most of the criteria

It is done by a minimum of three persons from the executive.

In rating an individual the following criteria is used:

  • Knowledge of the rules
  • Service (short, long)
  • Smash
  • Drop
  • Clear
  • Backhand clear (essential for red)
  • Mobility (speed and agility on the court)
  • Judging the proper position on the court

When it is done:

  • Shortly after the beginning of a new season
  • Shortly after a new member joins the club
  • Upon request by a member
  • When a member of the executive believes that a colour change is warranted